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CILT Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report click here

2016 Annual Report click here

2015 Annual Report click here

CILT Financial Reports

2018 audited financial report click here
2017 audited financial report click here

Community Housing Regulatory Authority report - 2018

CILT 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan click here

CILT Organisational Structure

2018 organisational structure, click here

Application Forms for Clients

Pensioner Flats Application Form. click here

Other resources

Waikato Region Index of Multiple Deprivation - click here

Community Hub Feasibility Study 2018 - click here

CILT Capital Projects History - click here

List of CILT Policies (policies available on request) click here

Churchill Report - Washington State - Putting Employment First by Michael Noonan  click here

A Study Tour of Social Enterprises in Scotland click here

CILT Projects History