Coromandel Independent Living  Trust

Starting in 1994 with a focus on disability issues, the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (or CILT) is a broad-based community services provider for the Upper Coromandel peninsula.

Operating out of Tiki House in Coromandel Town, we deliver a wide range of programmes and services to meet the needs of our community. We employ about 30 staff, and have over 50 local volunteers that support our activities. Our transport and disability programmes have become essential to the lives of many people in Coromandel.

We currently deliver more than 15 programmes across 10 sites. Our programmes are aimed at addressing needs including: rural isolation, disability services, education, environmental programmes, digital connectivity and whanau support services.  We have a family oriented work culture. As a result of the variety of programmes we offer - and the skilled staff managing them -  there is a lot of cross pollination and support between programmes. Because of our flexibility we are often able to connect people with other services, both within CILT and the wider community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the wellbeing of all people in the Upper Coromandel Peninsula

Our Mission

To respond to need by working collectively with others to strenghten our community

Our Values

Whakawhanaungatanga - Respectful Relationships

Kaitiakitanga - Our Obligations

Manaakitanga - Care for all people

Projects History and map of current projects

History of CILT