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Community Transport

Transport to Hospital Appointments

We can either find you a volunteer driver, or provide compensation towards your transport costs, to attend hospital appointments in Thames or Waikato. Please call us for more information: 07 8668358 or email: cilt@cilt.org.nz

Community Van

We also operate the Coromandel Community Services Van, this travels to Thames regularly, for shopping trips, appointments etc. call us for more info.

Educational Programmes

Graeme Dingle Foundation Kiwi Can

Values and life skills programme for 5-12 year olds. We currently deliver the programme in Coromandel Area School, Colville School and Thames South School. more info

Incredible Years Parent Programme

We have delivered the Incredible Years Parent Programme in Coromandel and Whitianga since 2012. more info about the course is available here: http://incredibleyearsnz.co.nz
please e-mail: incredibleyears@cilt.org.nz if you are interested in joining the next course.

Disability Support

The Work Co-op

The Work Co-op is a big whanau where everyone supports each other to set and achieve goals. The programme supports people who have a mental health issue and or intellectual and physical disability as well as probation clients and youth.
more info

Artists In The Making

A support group for people with a disability. Participants use art and craft to help uncover their creative and artistic skills, meeting every Wednesday and Friday.
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Environmental Programmes

The Harray Track

Popular walking Track in Coromandel Town. CILT developed the track, and found employment for local people to help create the track, plant native trees and eradicate pests.
more info here

The Goldmine - Reuse Centre

Redirecting waste away from landfill. more info here

Coromandel Refuse Transfer Station

CILT currently holds the contract to oversee the Coromandel Refuse Transfer Station. for up to date information, including opening hours please refer to the TCDC website: https://www.tcdc.govt.nz/Our-Services/Rubbish-and-Recycling/Refuse-Transfer-Stations/

Social Housing

Kapanga Flats

Pensioner Housing Application Form click here

Whanau Support Services

We hold a number of contracts to administer Whanau support services. These include:

Abuse Prevention

Integrated Safety Response - ISR

Whanau Support

For more information about these services, please call us: 07 866 8358 or email: socialservices@cilt.org.nz

ACC Living My Life.

CILT is an Independent Service facilitator for the 'ACC Living My Life' programme. This programme is aimed at providing ACC clients with impartial and valuable advice about funding and support options in your community. It also helps you to le you to find meaningful connections in your community, and also to make choices about the activities and supports you want to engage in.
Independent Facilitators work with ACC clients and their family/whanau to:

  • enable you to understand your local, natural, universal, mainstream and funded support options and activities.

  • enable you to find meaningful connections in your community

  • facilitate you to make choices about the activities and supports you want to engage in

  • facilitate you to make choices about the providers of your support services

To access Independent Facilitation you should talk to your ACC Case Manager/Owner about whether this service is right for you. More information can be found here: