A creative support group for people with a disability.

Artists in the Making is a support group for people with a disability, both men and women, in Whitianga and surrounding districts. Participants use art and craft to help uncover their creative and artistic skills, meeting every Wednesday and Friday.

We mainly work in mosaics, china painting, drawing and painting. We introduce new crafts that people are interested in trying. The main purpose is to have fun, get some support and break down isolation. We are finding that through increased confidence and support, a number of people on this programme have gained part-time work.



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“Art group gives me a peaceful place to connect with nice people, and relax from the stresses of life. It’s very satisfying to create a work of art in a supportive environment. Our teacher Anne is very helpful and I look forward to her class every week.”
“Art group has given me an opportunity to discover my creative talents and to work alongside other people of all walks of life. atmosphere in the group is very supportive and respectful.”
“I attend art group to improve my art skills. It is also a good chance to socialise with people that you would not normally meet. Anne has a lot of patience with everyone, she makes sure our projects are of a good standard.”

“When I first started art group I was at a point in my life where I needed help to get back on my feet (so to speak). I really am enjoying, have learnt a lot, and met people I can relate to. I feel, because of group I now have more confidence to go to other places I may not have gone before. Anne is a great group leader. Understanding and caring.”

“Who needs prozac when we have Artists in The Making?….Balances my life….companionship with people from other walks of life.”
“I joined ATM for a support group liking the factor of art as therapy with people experiencing similar circumstances/conditions whilst learning new skills. This has enabled me to find another form of expressing moods through colour and the transition to a ‘new place’ that is joyful and creative not depressing, painful or without hope. Other workshops offered have also offered learning and coping skills.”
“Art group allows me to express my internal gifts. Gives me my time away from the demands of raising grandchildren.”