Volunteer for CILT and help people in need in your community.

We have a number of really great community projects happening, aimed at delivering valued services and responding to need in our community. Volunteers are so essential to the success of these projects.

If you would like to make a difference in the community, and feel like you would make a great volunteer, then please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Volunteers help us with these projects:

Driving the Community Van

Volunteers drive the Community Van to Thames on Thursdays. This is for people

Mentor Drivers

Mentor drivers help people to gain driving skills as they work towards getting their restricted drivers licence.

Drivers to hospital appointments

Volunteer drivers take people to Thames and Waikato hospitals.

Helping out at the Goldmine Re-Use Centre

There are many roles that we need covered and this month is no different. If you are interested in any of the below roles please get in touch so that we can have chat. The Goldmine is open Tuesday and Thursday 11 till 4:30 and Saturday and Sunday 11 till 5:30. We appreciate any help you want to offer and we don't expect you to be there for the whole day, what ever time you can spare.

Shop: If you've got great people skill's and can operate a basic computer spreadsheet (or happy to learn) then get in touch. You will be talking with customers, pricing goods, taking money and logging all sales that you make.

Metal recycling: If you like pulling things apart in a safe manner and working out doors then this just might be the volunteering role you've always been looking for. We need people to help us remove motors and cables from appliances and other things that end up in the scrap metal heap. If you know how to tell the difference between different kinds of metals, or happy to learn, you are gonna have a lot of fun.

Jack of all trades: If you just like to lifts things, rearrange things or keep busy then this may be the place for you. We have a lot of general doing roles that require things to be tidied, rearranged, shifted and fixed. The Goldmine is a great place to hangout meet and chat with people and share and experiences or expertise that you may want to share. So get in touch and we'll make sure that we find the perfect volunteering role for you

Building and renovation projects

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Remedial Reading

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Building and renovation projects

When vacancies come available at the pensioner flats it is an opportune time to do renovations without disruption. Lately CILT have renovated three flats, with two quickly being occupied and another soon will be. Brain Cowley has done a sterling job and along with kitchen cabinet replacements, repainting walls and ceilings, new non slip linoleum and new carpet the flats have come up a treat and with the curtains Annette Clark has made, the flats are welcoming new residents.