'The Hub' is our latest endeavour

A current focus of CILT is the establishment of a Community Hub
to ensure further development and sustainability of our services
into the future.

This project is to provide a modern, enduring, collaborative
environment where the social and community needs of the
people of the Upper Coromandel Peninsula can be met; this
includes health and wellbeing through providing space for health
professional and sports, recreation and community clubs. To
complement the delivery of social and community services it is
proposed to provide hot desk space and facilities for work from
home businesses and an Impact Hub.

click to read the feasibility Study


September 2018: We have engaged with 3 architects, and are anticipating concept designs from them soon.
August 2018.  Trust Waikato has granted $500,000 towards the project.
July 2018: Feasibility Study completed, read it here

Funding Target

We require 3,333,000, we have $574,000 so far.



Background information and links:

CILT Capital Projects History - click here

Impact Hub Inverness - Scotland. A great example of a successful Impact Hub, where our Executive Trustee Mike Noonan Visited in 2017 on a research trip. http://inverness.impacthub.net

CILT Project History