Covid-19 - (Novel Coronavirus)

The health and safety of our community and clients is paramount during the current Covid-19 pandemic.  This is unknown territory for all of us. We are closely monitoring the situation and like all organisations we will be following direction from the Ministry of Health - Manatu Hauora - and other relevant Government departments to make decisions as the situation develops.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility to clients, workers and volunteers, and the Upper Peninsula community which we serve.  There are people in our community who depend on our services, and in these challenging times there will be many who feel vulnerable and worried.

Our priority is to keep all of us healthy and to progress safely through this time, together.   We will endeavour to maintain our core client services throughout the pandemic, and we are currently working through plans to help make this possible. 

Updates on our programmes and services can be found below, as well as links to information and other helpful resources.

If you have any questions please email us:

Or call us during business hours (Monday - Thursday, 9 - 3) 07 866 8358

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is closed until further notice.
If you require a travel subsidy to get to a hospital appointment please see below, or e-mail 
for help.

Community Transport Services

Use any of the following ways to contact us for Travel Assistance to get to hospital appointments:

1) Text your appointment details to 022 524 8511.

2) Take a photo of your appointment letter and email it to us at

3) Scan your appointment letter and email it to us at

4) Leave your appointment letter in our "drop box" at the Resource Centre door (this will be cleared once a day).

(texts and emails will be monitored and responded to Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm).

Whichever method you use you will also need to include your phone number and bank account number 

If you are a new client we will also need you to send through a photo of both sides of your Community Services Card or provide us with details from you card.
We will process the forms daily and transfer the travel payment into your account on the afternoon of the day we receive the appointment details.
When you attend your appointment, ask the hospital for proof of attendance - get them to write the date and time of the appointment on a form and to stamp and sign it.

Return form to CILT via drop box at the Resource Centre.

If you do not have a bank account message us and we will call you to go over other options.
If you have any queries regarding travel assistance please contact 022 524 8511.

If you have any questions relating to any of our other projects please email


Unavailable until further notice.


All Community van trips have been canceled until further notice.

Family Support Services

If you need Family Support Services you can contact-

Jean Ashby - 021 503 148
Abbey Namana - 022 516 0737

The Goldmine Re-use Centre

The Goldmine is currently closed, we are not accepting goods.

Samuel James Reserve Toilets

The public toilets in the Samuel James Reserve are closed until further notice.

The Bizarre

The Bizarre is closed until further notice.

Resources and Information - A great site with a lot of up to date information from the Ministry of Health, Manatu Hauora